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christian louboutin uk outlet online Go home New Year Spring Festival sister , sister in the Golden Shanghai entertain guests . Dining-room , a visitor comes to sister over sixty years of age , and is not significantly older , in the end is a lifetime teaching, did not do heavy work. Sister took the topic , disagree, talked about when she was young , farm work experience -

Sister is graduating from high school would have been 67 years since the Red Guards series , they graduated a year later , equal to 68 years of graduation back to the countryside. Because more girls at home , on the father of a male labor in the production of the old team overdraft , therefore , sister and relatives did not care to find the relationship , looking for work in the city . You know, at the time of high school students in rural areas , it is still relatively rare. The sensible sister is resolutely participate in agricultural labor .

That date repair Han Valley Reservoir , South Korea spent the whole valley commune commune Most of the young labor force , sister also christian louboutin uk outlet online participated in a massive repair reservoirs movement.

Then repair the reservoir , no mechanization is now so completely human . Just look at this old news documentary " Red Flag Canal ", you know that people in Henan Linxian is how to use primitive methods of labor , the construction of this miracle . Han Yu then repair the reservoir as well. No cars, the most advanced tools that shelf car . And there is very little shelf car . There was only the production team shelf car , only a dozen little better , some production team did not, farmers at home is not . Reservoir shelf car repair , there is a shelf full car production team out of twelve uniform , pulled on the site , it is conceivable shelf car on site nor surplus . With the site of stone, two people lift ; earth , who knows the weight of the child is transported away .

Age -old sister was false , but also knows the weight of the child , carrying the stones. Then lift her stone is Han Yu Corporation president ( Jiaosha name I forget ) , was less than four years old, while the sister was still a student back from school , plus the nutritional status of the rural poor , sister, short and thin . Basket of large stones , with a crude stick lift , two people who each carry one , to be carried to the far side of the reservoir to strengthen levees . Often carried to stone , almost one hundred meters to go christian louboutin uk outlet online . Sister when it comes to this matter , for the president who , very grateful , she said: . " Prevailing leadership, leadership that he and I really lift the stone , because I was small , bamboo basket filled with stones always slip into my side , and the president , they always put a bamboo basket to pull himself over there , and later , simply hand the card with bamboo basket , it is fixed at a position close to his side . on in this way, the president , and I carry a full lift stones for several days while the president is commander in chief Han valley reservoir built it . "

On this site , we talked and laughed often , and the president , the president is also very easy-going , there is no official airs , did not squatting in the office all day , but the bubble at the site . Eat with labor and migrant workers . Sometimes pulling shelf car , sometimes pick the soil , sometimes carrying stones , sometimes picked up christian louboutin uk outlet online head , picked up a shovel , in short , there is no official , he 's doing so with , did not see themselves as the cadres . Leaders and everyone one time work, people do not feel tired , but feel very happy. ( Prose reading :

Not just the president, like all leaders , have participated in the reservoir repair work . Once a manuscript written text commune , to make the president look. Full site are the work of people simply can not tell who is the president. Then finally found the president, the president stopped working , the shovel to the mound in a tie , with rough hands , wiping the sweat from his brow , and then took the manuscript to read. At that time it seems like we have been accustomed to such scenes , nothing moved .

This is the time of leadership.

Sister worked for two years in rural areas , because of labor actively , but also when the captain of the women's half . Later, there is a certain cultural commune deployed , the performance of active rural youth to go to school just to recover Weinan Normal , sister away from the countryside, into the ranks of teachers .

Sister listened to the words , my heart heavy. How kind of cultural revolution in the end , this is not my comment. But I want to say is , when the ordinary people , ordinary party members and cadres, especially leading cadres at the grassroots christian louboutin uk outlet online level , they are all in good faith with a heart , understanding that big of a political storm . Their character, still reflects the true nature of Party cadres should . They are not politicians, they are not well educated , and some never graduated from elementary school , belongs to the worker-peasant cadres belonging to the grassroots party workers , natural theoretical level is not high. We have no reason to ask them to Sun King 's eyes . But they are honest people, and sees himself as a member of the people, mingle with the people act in good faith , but it is beyond doubt .

Say that the Cultural Revolution was a catastrophe , that is caused by high-level decision-makers mistakes should not be credited to these accounts in the general head of party workers and ordinary people's .

There was no official corruption it? There are , certainly, but that corrupt people today have Maupassant sounds kind of comedy , christian louboutin uk outlet online" a tearful smile " flavor. Once heard talked about such a real thing -

A leader in the field of their units meet outside the clouds suddenly saw bunching , great atmosphere of the situation, immediately thought of his home on the balcony still basking in the dessert , quickly called to the unit , so that the instrument went to his house , told his wife , went to the snack recover carefully wet.

The original work was leading people to care , that is twelve dessert thing. Refreshments will be able to buy the people's will ! I do not know that dessert is a few cents a pound , but one thing is definitely no more than a dollar. I offer here some pricing information that era , users can refer to these simulated dessert price : about 71 years now , my mother took me to the artillery school (now the Second Artillery Engineering University ) hospital, over the streets again Hongqing , very luxuriously bought me a pound of cookies, fifty cents six cents , but it needs sixty-two food stamps ; rather then a college graduate trainee wage is 48.5 yuan , 58.5 yuan grading wages , while the christian louboutin uk outlet online wage in city ​​belongs to the middle and upper income.

This is corruption ? !

Thought of this, I suddenly remembered the Second Revolutionary Civil War circulating in the Central Soviet Area a red song " Soviet cadres good style " :

Soviet cadres in good style

Own food to office

Day wear sandals revolution

Night visit to a poor peasant lantern

Soviet cadres in good style

Wholeheartedly for the masses

Daily necessities have thought

Wenhanwennuan brotherhood heavy

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Good to hear a song more songs that can truly reflect the political atmosphere of the last century, the fifties and sixties , called " see you exceptionally pro " is a famous singer Ma Yutao concert . Lyrics are summarized as follows :

Clear water creek yo / crops covered with trench / Army into the mountains to / help our busy harvest / pulled a homemade word / number of events in my heart / year / gun sound / comrades into the ditch / knifed dog traitor / shooting enemies head / jaws of death rescued a fellow townsfolk / wolves in sheep and cattle recaptured / fight enemies together / with burning towers / trouble with rent reduction / with nursing harvest / eat a pot of rice / point is a kerosene / want their loved ones hope their loved ones / mountain runoff want people who look / looked forward to the Eighth Route successor / you are our flesh and blood / you are our confidant / Party kindness untold / met you always feel exceptionally close

People 's sense of nostalgia is christian louboutin uk outlet online so lit ; human first love, which is so cast .

This is the essence of nostalgia !